monoKraK netlabel – free deep musiK and aKtivism –


Art and Culture and more :

Cazapix (magazine about art/culture and center for visuals works)

Le Marché Bio (bio market in Geneva)

Le Réservoir (alternative distribution of drinks in Geneva)

Luna De Rosa (Italian artist based in Milan/Berlin)

Artists/Bands :

Ah Cama-Sotz (dark ambient experimental band from Belgium)

Database59 (geneva artists crew : musicians, video and pictures productions, architects …)

Books :

“Petit Traité De Sagesse Bouddhiste A L’Usage Des Occidentaux”, written by Xavier Cornette de Saint-Cyr, éd. Jouvence, (a french book about the basis of Bouddhism, but firstly a real good book about simplicity, joy, compassion and love in our life. Very easy too read, but very powerful too)

DJs :

DJ L’embrouille (good electronic mixs exclusively with netlabels tracks)

Floating Mind (free dj set with Creative Commons sounds)

Labels :

Urgences Disk records (multistyle underground label of Geneva, the home of two Floating Mind’s electro-ambient projects)

Magazine :

MCD : (french magazine about digital cultures)

Mastering :

Audio Services (Pheek mastering webpage)

Militancy :

Arutam (supporting Jivaro Indians in the Amazonian Rainforest / Safe-keeping of native people traditional medicine / Promotion of native traditions in Europe)

Avaaz (online petition)

Ecosia (ecological web motor research)

Enfants-Belarus (association for children’s in Tchernobyl and general anti-nuclear action)


Pro Natura

Protonmail (private, secure and encrypted mail)

Raoni (fighting against flood barrier and destruction of Amazonian forest)

Sauvons La Forêt (online’s petitions for saving the forests)

Streetfit Scotland (Fitness and well being programme aimed at socially disadvantaged adults)

Tor Web navigator (free web navigation, anonymity online)


Netlabels :

Bleepsequence (US netlabel, mainly deep minimal techno)

Bruits (french netlabel focused on experimental music)

Cuntroll (breakcore, abstract hip-hop, ambient, trip-hop netlabel from Russia)

Free Range Beats (US electronic multi style netlabel)

Illogical Kit (minimal techno from Italy)

Inoquo (minimal techno from Spain)

Music Numbers (compilations with free Creative Commons tracks inside, from Spain)

Netlabelarchive (a website dedicated to preserving inactive netlabels that no longer have a home online)

Pertin (deep, dub, experimental, ambient. From Canada)

Schaermoments (swiss netlabel producing minimal techno)

Unfoundsound (US famous netlabel runned by Someone Else)

Netlabels news :

Bassandspace (net labels news, different styles)

Eldino (italian blog about netlabels world)

Shallow Rave (music and netlabel actuality)

Techno-Locator (netlabels news from Russia)

Yeahiknowitsucks (blog about free and commercial music)

Web radios/podcasts : (from Brazil)

VKRS radio (platform for Netlabels and Independent Artists from Ireland)

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