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1ddual (Germany)

1ddual started making music when he was 12 years old. At that time, Fabian aka 1ddual played until his 17th birthday in various
punk / metal / emocore bands, the e-guitar, e-bass and percussion. The first releases were with the black metal band Nema (1993).
Later he played in lesser-known deep core bands too and oriented then more and more towards electronic music.
At 18, he started djing ambient and psytrance musik at small parties. Besides his own events he regularly attended parties in the electronic dance music scene. For nearly 10 years he remained in the psy / progressive-trance scene faithfully and had more bookings as a Dj at underground events.
In 1999 he started the production of his first own tracks with synthesizer and computer (Atari+Cubase).
In 2006, after a short break due to work (fashion photography), he began studying photography and new media at an Art university (incl. sounddesign). In this context, he and his girlfriend started with the audio-visual project: 2ddual. 2ddual audiovisual performance was focused on their own audio (deep-ambient)
and video material which were composed live. At the same time 2ddual were very busy as visual-performers in clubs and (film) festivals. This work was always
in direct contact with the music and has strongly influenced the current productions. After 3-5 years of intensive audiovisual work the duo split.
Since then Fabian (the leading part of the project)has been working alone in the field of audio and video production, photography and graphics under the name 1ddual.
Now his productions and dj-sets move mainly in the deep experimental minimal to psychedelic minimal area.
Currently, there is now a release on monokrak-rec. sundayRelax EP No.71.
More releases are planned. Soundcloud

Airthai (Switzerland/Portugal/Brazil)

Born in Detroit in 1969. Raised in Nyon near Geneva, Switzerland.
Played every possible instrument in all imaginable types of bands in the 80’s.
In the nineties: owner of Terpsycore vinyl record store in Nyon. techno, house and jungle dj. Illegal rave organizer.
Began composing music in 2000 in Brazil, where he was inspired by ethnic rhythms and traditional harmonies, as well as those of many other places on earth. Soundcloud

Albert Negredo (Spain)

Albert Negredo uses various disciplines, such as photography, video, sculpture, installation, sound and digital art, or fashion, to perform works that revolve around 3 positions: the patient in his environment, temporary, perpetual or finite, the doctor or specialist, and the social. To do this, he makes pieces linked to pathologies, discomforts, states, healings, treatments, sickness, … in order to combine the visual arts with psychiatry.

Albert Negredo began to exhibit in the Fundació Espais for Contemporary Art, during Time of Flowers, in a programme called Pistils and Petals, sexuality, erotism, seduction and deceit. His Works in videoart have been shown in Vad Festival, NYMIX, Elektronentoto, Crosstalk, Loop Barcelona, Pixel Jam Demoscene Party, Glitch Momentums, Nicht, Inside Out… He has taken part in symposiums like Milton Keyne ́s on Space, Time and Identity, and simultaneously in exhibitions about public and private space, such as the one held in Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Think About The Space. His sound pieces has been released in Institut for Alien Research, Mute Sounds and Seminal Records. And his latest solo exhibition has been showed at Point 1612 Illinois, also Ventana al Molinillo Málaga. Soundcloud

Alex Vandoff (Ukraine)

Alex Vandoff (real name Alexandr Lobov) was born in Ukraine. He began his career at the end of 2009.  His first releases came out in 2010. In early 2011, he produced a couple of releases. It was the year when Alex found his dark minimal/deep minimal style. On his work we can feel influences of musicians like: Aceton, Post S. Also with Aceton he wrote about 10 tracks. In late summer 2011, Alex produced releases on labels: Underground Records(UA), D-P 6 Records(RU) and Stosh Records (RU). In early autumn 2011, he signed two collaborations with the talented musician Legamen. From 2012 he changed his style to ambient, electronic and experimental. Soundcloud

Alicia Hush (Canada)

Toronto based dj bouncing beats and bums for her hometown crews weekly. Emerging producer catching ears and hearts with a constant array of fresh new minimal goodness. Co founder of hushlamb productions contributing to the music and city she loves, bringing in a steady stream of fresh international artists to compliment a growing roster of strong local talent. Alicia’s sound and vibe, the very embodiment of a life lived creating, dancing to and inspired by music. Her leitmotiv, to be moved by music and to do the same for others.  Soundcloud

Audio Optiks (Germany)

He was born in 1983. He was interested in many kinds of music from an early age. First he listened to rap, then breakbeats and drumnbass.
When he was about 14 years old, he started buying vinyl and not much later producing his own tracks. For the last few years he has enjoyed trippy
sounds, hypnotic synths and a lot of deep bass. Contact :

Black Sheep (France)

When Nicolas is a post-graduate student in visual communication, Rafael is working in one of the trendiest togs’ shop of Marseille.
They both created a « two heads » musical project called « Black Sheep », part of the brand-new french label « collectif Metaphore ».
« Black Sheep » is not a tribute to the so-called old US rap group but just a pleasant way to let us know that these two young men are not easily led, and that they do not follow the herd !
A new stream they are pleased to call « techno ethnic », born from the mix of a dark but qualitative minimal music with worldwide samples based on melodies and rythmics !  Soundcloud

Bleupulp (Canada)

A music creator and DJ with a vast repertoire of electronic music going back to 2000, Maxime Tanguay, aka Bleupulp, is originally from Quebec City.

Bleupulp flirts between ambient, techno and minimal dub, experimenting with phat bassy beats accompanied by deep ambiences. He self-describes his music as experimental, with an obscure, profound structure and colourful sounds. Enthused by the emergence of net labels, in 2005 Tanguay founded his own,, with the help of Jean-Denis Thériault. is dedicated to the promotion of creative, original, quality electronic music and features many talented artists from around the world.


Boris Grey (Australia)

Boris Grey is the foundator of the Asian Goat Project. From Newtown (Australia), not far from Sydney. All music is written; performed by Boris Grey, though there is a much larger group at hand for both the construction of recordings and live performance.
The Asian Goat Project plays heavy punk rock with sharp overtones of demented pop, new wave, industrial, drone and soundscapes.

Bo Savio (Italy)

William De Paolis (aka Bo Savio) was born in 1981 in a small city near Venice, in Italy. He has grown up in the digital age, using intuitive software programs like Reason and Ableton to spontaneously express ideas and emotions.
His teenage years were spent playing blues and rock guitar in bands but this always meant compromise and he needed something more than that – something that would allow a purer form of self expression. At the time it was hard to hear good dance music in Italy apart from one or two tracks that crossed over into the clubs he sometimes visited with friends but that was enough to whet his appetite and he immediately got wrapped up in the beats, connecting with the music on a deeper level. He started exploring the electronic medium and became fascinated by how some DJs could apply their own peronal vision to the music, elevating it to an art form. This was exactly the inspiration he needed and he was soon experimenting with loops on his laptop, and buying records (Plus8, Perlon, Spectral and Minus).
His music has evolved to what it is today: elegant and dark minimal sound, a detailed groove manufactured with strange mad pieces and a visceral sound of low frequencies. Contact :

BpOlar (Belgium)

BpOlar is the son of a jazz musician and as such he was raised from a very young age listening to the jazz masters, and although his approach diverted from this it is part of his background and as such is part of his aproach to the berlin electronic music scene. BpOlar is also a multidisciplinary artist, creating digital drawings and paintings and 3D video clips to document his music and for live usage, or the opposite (makes music to illustrate video). BpOlar music is strongly focused on creating textures, with a close relation with ambient music. These textures are nonetheless rough and arid, and lead us to alien environments where beats, noises and voices all create suspense moments, where you feel alert all the way through.
If you pay attention to BpOlar work you’ll find, in his drawings/paintings, movies and music, traces of this imaginary world, where the central element is the feeling of unsettlement. Soundcloud

Bravo Litva (Russia)

He was born in  Russia in 1990, in a small town, under the name of Yoshkar-Ola. From  the age of 6 to 8 he learnt to play the piano at his aunt’s home, thereby developing a hearing, rhythm, and interest in music from early childhood! At the age of 16 he became interested in electronic music, listening to artists such as Plastikman, Bruno Pronsato, Oliver Huntemann, Maetrik, and many other talented artists.  Over  time his taste in techno music never stopped growing. At 18, he began to try writing music himself, using a variety of programs. Over time, with great pleasure and enthusiasm, his hobby grew into a passion.
In 2012, he created  project Bravo Litva.This music is a constant experiment, in which queer-melodic, dark minimal atmosphere and deep sound can be  heard, as well as a variety of unique sounds combined with techno. His desire is to surprise, creating non-standard tunes and sounds.
His music reflects his most heartfelt emotions.
In August 2012, he released his first release on the english label « Login Records » (Bad Trip Ep).
He currently lives in Russia and has a lot of free time to create music. He plans to continue to be produced on other labels, express himself and grow in his art, inventing something new. Soundcloud

Brojanowski (Germany)

Brojanowski was born on 1989 and he is a producer from Hamburg (Germany). Music has always been a part of his life. At the age of 17, he started to be interested in electronic music. Inspired through this kind of music, he soon began to develop and refine his own image of music.
Brojanowski tries to create a danceable mixture of subtle hardness and playful details mixed with organic sound and trippy groove. In 2009 he gathered first experiences as Live-act and DJ. Via his gigs he fastly gained contacts to the Techno/Party scene in Hamburg. He got to know Hamburg based producers like Felix Lorusso and Kamika, with whom he enveloped a great collaboration and friendship.
Brojanowski loves dry, bouncy minimal-techno with dark influences and experimental sounds. He tries to create something special in this music genre, where it is hard to create something new. With his live-sets he wants to establish a very own style and atmosphere, due to bouncy basslines, trippy percussions and sounds, repetitive grooves and minimal elements. Soundcloud

Buben (Belarus)

Vladislav Buben – musician, promoter, artist, creator of some radio and art projects from Belarus. Vladislav did TV show about alternative electronic music ”Called for the electricians” on local MTV (Belarus).7 years Vlad represented radio show “The Lost World” (the oldest radio show in Belarus about extreme & alternative music) Radio “Mir” 107.1 FM Now Vladislav is main coordinator of Unsound-Belarus festival, concerts and events. Buben creates some musician groups and projects in diferent styles. Some music projects: Buben, Prus, Zeroism, Donald Dark, Ego, Zhraja, Manstappz, Kein, Shamaniac, Over Voltage, Bolshevik, Perpetual Deathic, Skvarka, Criminal. Website

C. Reider (US)

C. Reider is a composer who has worked in many different non-genre-specific music styles since the late 1980s, including noise, drone, process-oriented experimental music, musique concréte / electro-acoustic, minimalist-psychedelic electronic music, field recording, and dance-adjacent rhythm music. They live in Northern Colorado, USA.  The majority of their musical work is available at bandcamp for free or pay-what-you-want.

Countless Births (Colombia)

Countless Births project was born many years ago after learning and perceiving different cultures and sound environments. The result is a collection of these experiences influenced by minimalistic textures that are exposed in tracks expressing different emotions. Soundcloud

Crang (Germany/Switzerland)

Crang is born in Germany. Now living in Zurich, Switzerland. His style is as colourful as a forest in its fall costume. The influences reach from old school electro and techno to jazz, blues and to the newer stuff like minimal and tech house. Soundcloud

Crepusculo (Mongolia)

Name: Zolboo Uyanga. Birthdate: 1985.06.27. Home town: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Genre: Dark ambiend, Drone, Dub-techno, Abstract. Music experience: Since 1995 (all kind of electronic). Soundcloud

Dadive (Switzerland)

Dadive was born somewhere in south Italy in 1978. The first step into music was given by his artistically devoted family back in the days. So, the producer, dj or even composer Dadive has been busy with artistic expression and especially music for almost two decades. Since then, he spreads and shares his  passion, which is mainly electronic music in many ways and all together in different styles; from trip-hop to d’n’b or dub, then electro, so detroit techno, house, also soundscores but mainly minimal techno…or let’s call it as simple as electronic dance music ! He could delight the dancefloor countless times in various clubs, bars, studios and events together with other great artists like Dualism, Jorge Savoretti, Seph, Dilo, Octave, Secret Cinema, Demian Muller, Sleeparchive, Butch, Gaetano Pariso … just to name a few. His impressive live acts are occasionally described as dark, deep, compelling, with hypnotic vibes, mesmerizing sounds, though groovy among massively percussive. But for those who know Dadive personally, they could certainly confirm, that his predilection is essentially collecting, creating and manipulating sounds, noises and beats in order to (re-)arrange and produce a song or whatever….one  day, somewhere, somehow … Further, during the last few years he dedicated a generous part of his creative musical investment to the Creative Commons License Community. Sensitiv to that concept of  sharing musical experiences, he also co-founded a netlabel in 2010  named « Schaermoments » where one can pick and download some fancy releases, podcasts and links.
To make it short and to reach a biographical conclusion from this wise and manifold artist, here’s a characteristic quotation of him: designing music is all about poetry and love, and like love, you need to share it to perceive it’s power. Soundcloud

Daegon (USA)

Born May 10,1987 in Denver. He started to mix records only in 2007 for a while. Soon enough he was wanting to create his own material, from there he has been sucked into the deep minimal sounds. Now his sound is deep, psychedelic and spacey. Soundcloud

Damolh33 (Slovakia)

Gabriel Bernath is a producer from Slovakia. He produce minimal techno experimental. His music is played all around the world, a lot of releases from Damolh33 are available on the web. Soundcloud

Darius (aka Mist) (Russia)

DJ from Russian, playing different styles : Psy-Trance, Deep, Minimal and Dub-Techno. Very fond of Ambient. He lives in Moscow Area, away from the noise of the city. He like to create specially in the night. He appreciates solitude, tranquility and electronic music. The basic position : each mix is a reflection and should not be a simple set of tracks. Contact Mist :

Data Unit (France)

Data Unit is a French Project in which Philippe (my Brother) is appearing sometimes. I am François de Benedetti. I used to make some Bands with him and also to play in some others from early 80′s in France and UK (mainly in London area) until mid 90′s.I’ve been much involved in somekind of cold / electro experiences. Playing guitars, bass guitars, keyboards, synths, programming, writing lyrics, recording and so on … Then i’ve get bored of many things around the music and I decided to stop in 1996. I’ve restarted in Summer 2006 because I needed to make some more music again. So I bought some equipments and plugged them in … I always been keen on ambient music, so at this moment I’ve met someone who made me feel comfortable with the idea to get myself involved in this kind of music. After a while I started Data Unit in 2007 to do whatever I was keen on. This isn’t really easy sometimes but as I’m not able to focus on only one style, I feel free in this Project.

Diego Pastor (Spain)

Diego Pastor is a spanish producer. His  first album on the spanish netlabel Surrealfreak « Las Gallinas De Mi Amigo Eduardo » is a beautiful mix of minimal psychedelic techno. We can feel a touch of darkness in Pastor’s productions, but the groove and the deepness are always present. Soundcloud

DreeG (Colombia)

Born in 1990, DreeG was early attracted to electronic music. Influenced by artists like Magda, Marc Houle, Miro Pajic, Mike Wall, Camea … his song is composed of strong textures, vocal rough and dark environments.

Durcheinander aka Morph (Colombia)

Born in the 90′s in Colombia, he discoved music at 7 years old. First classical, then latino music. At 14 years old, he began with friends to produce electronic music. With the years, his passion for electronic music has taken the major part of his life. He likes particularly deep style. Soundcloud

Ehn (Argentina)

Currently working on Argentina, Cordoba, Javier Koraj has spent the last five years producing minimal techno experimental with a purpose, which is offer a new concept for artists and people to innovate in different new ways. The music model changes from a simple idea to a much more complex tracks, jazz influences, classical instruments, sound creation and wave manipulation, big spaces for the mind to experiment a world of imagination, structures full of possibilities, unexpected abstract combinations make this way new sensations, his music is not only for dance floor also for relaxing and enjoy the message in the structure. Many djs consider this tracks complicated to mix but he believes that new ways of mixing are about to be learn because of the big increases of this experimentation wave of music evolution isn’t going to change and it will become clear to be mix in a different mind frequency. His active crew is showing up many different styles and sharing a concept of innovates and a clear message of union and love. Ehn by name, named this way by the nature, insists we should give a chance for a real global change putting in a side our differences and make inside of our goals to stop the selfish and egoism that are part of our day by day and are destroying our planet and making us be more far from what we really are. Soundcloud

Electronischebasisgeluiden (Spain)

(Real name Vicens Edu), born in 1970 in Barcelona. Graphic designer based in Olot (Catalonia). Very passionate about sound experimentation and digital audio, field recording. He has been DJ for many years at various electronica, punk and other venues, as well as at various jazz festivals and private parties in Amsterdam. He started to create his firs audio experiments when he was student at School of Fine Arts in Olot, 20 years ago. He clearly opt for ambient and experimentation with sounds recorded live and the shredded with all possible softwares, always taking into account a certain melody or also unconventional rhythms .

Estereotipo (Colombia)

He was born in the 90′s, has been in the electronic scene in Colombia for 10 years, is the owner of a label called Reeves Music. He likes minimal, he began playing percussion and classical music on the piano, and travelled a lot. He has had the opportunity to produce for many labels. He is passionate about trance music. But the minimal is something that pleases him too. Soundcloud

Exthausiva (Argentina)

Exthausiva is Esteban Cavalieri, born 1974 in Argentina, Djing since 1996 in the Buenos Aires underground scene, experimenting with electronic music compositions since 2000, has collaborated with some remixes and participated in collective arts events. Nowadays living and producing experimental music from Capilla del Monte, Uritorco Mount Zone, Cordoba.


Fabio Keiner (Austria)

With the emergence of softeare vst synths and other proggies he discovered ambient/noise music almost 20 years ago. Since then – a journey through all subgenres – to be found in his releases at at bandcamp.

Falk Golz (Germany)

Falk began in 2003 to deal with electronic music, but before he had already done some experiments with the C64, Amiga, and later with Rebirth on Mac, then on PC. His biggest hobby is still experimenting with different ways the electronic music. Falk began in the year 2005 to produce music with the « Atari St » and his music software. With the time he got some machines, for example the Akai S900 sampler, Kawai K1, Quasimidi Technox and a Korg Poly 800. With the years the equipment continued to grow. He used this equipmet only for experimentation or to win experience in the hardware sector. In 2009, after prolonged inactivity, Falk present again tracks in the « Techno Forum ». After a lot of positive feedbacks, followed the decision to send few tracks to labels. His musical influences are mostly old Chicago house, Detroit techno and Italo disco. Contact :

Fatiq (Poland)

Fatiq was born in 1987. He started his music adventure in 2002. He tries to create new styles using experimental structures based on breaks and sound processing. Nowadays Fatiq’s music is a kind of mix of melodic IDM, downtempo, glitch and deep minimalistic sounds. He likes true underground sounds and the net-labels scene. Fatiq’s favourite influences: Aphex Twin, Yeah Pretty Boy, Waveform, Joltask. Contact :

Floating Mind (Switzerland)

Floating Mind is Roberto Vitali, the man behind monoKraK. Born in 1977, releasing tracks and djing since 1995. His favourite styles are ambient and deep minimal techno. Now he produce only free releases in order to stay outside the big music buisness. Music released on monoKraK, Paparazzi rec., Synchrovision rec., Imploz rec., Urgences Disk, Aciendo netlabel, Free Range Beats netlabel, Kosmo netlabel, Surrealfreak netlabelMusickollektiv netlabel, Krad records (free section), Illogicalkit netlabel, Unfoundsound netlabel, Bleepsquence netlabelPertin netlabel, Inoquo netlabel. E-mail :, SoundcloudSoundcloud2Facebook

Florist (Germany)

Born in 1980. First contact with electronic music in 1996. Since that moment, he started to buy vinyls and beeing Dj. In 2002 he started to produce his own music. With 2 friends he has the project « Der Kutscher und sein Gaul ». Soundcloud

Fortes (Mexico)

Fortes is a Mexican producer that has been trapped in the world of electronic music since 1999. In the year 2005 he was motivated to create and propose his own musical arrangements and decided to dedicate himself completely to study computer science engineering and produce music. Since then he has made several releases in labels from around the world and is currently spending lots of time in the studio working in his music and preparing to present his live act to the world. With the use of percussion’s, organic atmospheres and powerful bases he keeps a dark and deep touch, like the one found in a mystical night in the forest, but happy and fun, like that same night ! Soundcloud

George zB (Russia)

George Chudoff (aka George zB) was born in 1990 in a Syktyvkar, Russia. His interest to electronic music is growing since 2005. He is triyng to experiment with different sounds and he really like it. His favourite styles are various, from deep techno to downtempo. Soundcloud

Giuliano Rodrigues (Brasil)

Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1987, Giuliano Rodrigues lived in Porto Alegre for 8 years and in Sao Paulo for 4 years. Now he is living in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. He’s studying in film school at the University. His adolescence was made by creating and editing music clips at home. He worked as a DJ, photographer and video editor. Genre: deep, tech, prog, minimal. Soundcloud

Gr-Oy (Belgium)

Gregory Calay aka ‘Gr-oy’, born in Belgium, he’s passioned by music and computer programs. He quickly decided to put these two things together and electronic music became his real passion. In early 2000 he started producing electronic music using Reason and Fruity Loops. After a very long break, he seriously restarted his own productions in 2009 and this time using Ableton Live, VSTs, Plug-ins and many others. His style can be defined as a mix between deep techno/house and dark down tempo. His major influences are artists and labels like Thinner, Basic Channel, Swayzak, Ellen Allien, Sascha Funke, Luke Vibert, Kompakt, Dessous Recordings, Warp, Massive Attack. Soundcloud

Haarspalter (Germany)

Haarspalter was born in 1969 in Magdeburg/Germany. Music and dancing is and has been a way of expressing himself. Since 1991 he’s in and around the electronic party szene as a true floorjunky. Since 2005 he is trying to make music. Now, he has useful equipment and started recording. His favorite genre is minimal/deephouse/tech. Soundcloud

Hamerski (Poland)

Hamerski is an avid reader with an interest in history. He is known to frequent libraries and maintains his physical fitness by dancing. He suffers from chronic caffeine and tobacco addiction.A lifelong reprobate, Hamerski has been making music since the mid 80′s. He has repeatedly convinced unwitting victims of his ability to sing and/or make music despite his evident lack of training or skill. He is fluent in several European languages and has been known to alter his appearance through the use of disguises. Soundcloud

Heman Colù (Italy)

Emanuele Colucci was born in 1987, in a little town in the south of Italy. His passion for music began when he was just a young boy playing drums. He started to play electronic music and to organize events at the age of 15. Now he continue producing and playing live in the most important club in the south of Italy. He has started also a project called “illogical kit“. with one of his friends Giambo. Soundcloud

Hannah b. (Egypt)

Often seen as intellectually expressive, inspired by nature and life, Hannah transposes consciousness into sound in hope of stimulating others towards self expression by doing so herself, dynamically and whole-heartedly. Soundcloud, Facebook

Horizontal (Switzerland/Germany)

Horizontal is me, I was born on a plane somewhere over Siberia in 1968, I was born a baby, a boy, a stateless world citizen earthling, but after many years became a man, and to this day I’m still a man and I should hopefully remain one until many years later when I’ll become an old man. Contact :

Initial’Master Kay (South Africa)

Residing in Pretoria East, he has a background of deep bass and abstract percussion that forms a base to his musical style. His recent experience in learning to DJ opened his sound up to a more experimental approach to beat making which is evident in the sub genres he has been working with. Contact :

Isaac Levy (Spain)

Born in Colon, Republic of Panama (1978). Roots from Chile and Jamaica. Architect by profession, decides to initiate as a DJ in the electronic music. His relationship with the turtables begins fiew years ago although his love for electronic music comes from the early 90′s. Since the begining of his professional career techno and minimal has been of his prefers, tending to the deep and dark sounds. Residing now in Madrid, Spain, continues his development as a DJ/Prod. exploring the Live PA fields. Soundcloud

Jems aka Pulso (Argentina)

Joel Melito started his life in 1992 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He started his career in 2008, using mixing softwares. As beginner in the electronic music production fields, he does not work under pre-established rules, he uses the random form as tool of his musical compositions, foreign factor to any style or trend. Some of his principal influences are : Adicta, Alva Noto, Ben Klock, Jaumetic, Jonas Kopp, Radiohead, Robert Hood, Underground Resistance.

Jemset (France)

Born in 1982, Jemset is a lover of different music styles (techno/house, soul/funk, jazz, ambient, psychedelic rock, hiphop, reggae, drum and bass). DJ till several years, he started his production career only in 2008. Contact :

Jesse Voltaire (Canada)

Jesse Voltaire born August 10 1984 in the city of Montreal, Canada. Musically he grew to love all kinds of genres, namely rock soul funk hiphop disco house and techno. Influenced by his parents south american and caribean blood, and the underground sound of the city of montreal, he began to DJ in 2005 after corresponding with Jean Patrice Remillard aka Pheek of the montreal based Archipel label. Playing some dj gigs in clubs bars and parties in montreal and studying Audio Recording Technology in college lead him to his own productions, which have been released on Archipel in the past few years. These days his sound could be described as, funky abstract psychadelic minimal tech-house with a nod to esoterism. Soundcloud

John Ov3rblast (Greece)

In the age of 8th he experienced the soundscapes of Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis from the vinyls of his father. Then later on, in his teenage he started going out in rave parties outside of the city borders of Athens. He was into rave culture and clubbing for many years. Started composing tracks using personal computer of those days commodore,amiga just forthe fun of it. Using the turntables of a friend he started mixing his favorite flavours from the detroit scene and taking part in private parties. Labels : Moonchild Records, TriskelTech Recordings, Spaceal Orbeats Records (Owner), Undertechnical Recordings, InsomniaFm Records, Tactical Nuke, Housearth Records, Mac Trax netlabel, Bass’Flo Recordings UK, Deepindub Netlabel, Kosmo Netlabel, Progelectech Label, Mistique Digital, Balkan Delights, monoKraK Netlabel. From his personal label SpacealOrbeats releases several works from the deeper side of the sound from artists around the world. Soundcloud. Email for contact, bookings, remixes :

Kebiin (Spain)

Kebiin a.k.a K.S.R. Borned in Zaragoza (Spain). In 1999 he started to be interested in mixing electronic music, trance and techno were mainly included in his sets. At the begining James McConaghew helped him improving his techinque with the decks. Years were passing and other styles began to flow in their sets … progressive (breaks, trance and house), minimal techno and dub. In 2004 he decide to make one step more and be part of the electronic music production big family. Also helped by James McConaghew he started to be familiar with first Reason and later Ableton Live. In 2007 collaboration with Spanish duo Clubbervision remixing their track Ambar for FeralCode Records with which he produce tunes for several kind of styles. From ambient and chillout to hard techno (with his K.S.R. alias), but mainly progressive and dub/minimal techno. Soundcloud

Kimo-S (Canada)

Kimo-S a.k.a. Karim is always somewhere between here and there. An artist conscious of tradition and history as well invention and the spirit of pushing ahead. Producing introspective and emotive electronic music on his own, deep, dance-oriented music with Co-Op (on Noah Pred’s Thoughtless Music imprint), and other collaborations that sometimes defy strict genre or category, he also performs with the oud in hybrid acoustic/laptop performances that moves and urges you to move between boundaries and borders as though they shouldn’t exist. Soundcloud

Koalips (Russia)

Koalips is a project of young Russian musician from Moscow. He began writing music using FL Studio. During this stage he experimented with different genres such as drum and bass, psy trance, industrial, and dark ambient. In the end he chose more a melodic and calm sound, now composing music using the PreSonus Studio One sequencer. In 2010  Koalips came into his own with a unique sound, a fusion of  two parallel genres: ambient IDM, and dub techno. In all his music he tries to reveal deep, boundless, beautiful atmospheres of space and the universe. Releases:  Koalips – Rain on Mars EP (2009)  Koalips – Compounds EP (2010)  Koalips – Far Horizons EP (2010)  Koalips – Quarks EP (2010)  Koalips – Defeat LP (2010). Soundcloud

Köldd (France)

Norman Levy aka Köldd is an 18 years old producer who got stories to tell through his music. Involved into music at his youngest age, Koldd first started playing guitar at the age of 12. After spending a year in Dublin, he made a band with some mates and played some of the best Marseille’s scenes .
Alternating between the music with the band and his own electronic productions, he got fed up and chose the isolation to totally put himself into the electronic music world. From Detroit to Berlin, passing by the Indians Mountains and South America, Koldd influences are purely varied. Soundcloud

Laurent Atmos (France)

Laurent Atmos is an artist from the south west of France. 13 years in the scene gave him the opportunity to play at the same events with some of the biggest electronic names like Jeff Mills, Luke Slater,  Swayzak, Monika Kruse, Robert Armani, Losoul, Kenny Larkin. His DJ sets have a very personal style coming from a lot of inluences (ambient, electro, dub, jazz, minimal …). He played his djs sets in several french events (dj attack, red  dj tour…) and in some amplified music places (zenith de toulouse, le  4sans, le bikini…). He played also his djs sets and lives three times at « Le printemps de Bourges » and on several regional radios (radio campus, fmr, le mouv, booster fm) where he animated a concept of transmissions called « L’autre face du son ». At the end of this concept, he organized 8 parties around that theme (with somes artists like Dj Feadz, Alexid, Swayzak, Javi Martinez, Miss Ficel. Today, he produces music in his musical laboratory “Kosmonauten”. He uses a lot of informatic and technologic material. His last project will soon be out. It’s an imaginative talk about a fictiv man called « Igor Kosmonauten », where the text of his composition is accompanied by sounds. For this project he is also looking for a video accompaniment in order to create a DVD. Producer, writer, DJ, Laurent Atmos exchange and give on the web electronic music, for the biggest pleasure of his fans. Facebook

Leonel Jacquier (Argentina)

Leonel Jacquier was born in 1989 in Cordoba, Argentina. He always have an idea to make something for the music. First with rock and in 2004 he starded to listen rap and then making some beats. In 2008, he starded to mix music, turning into the world of experimental electronic music, dub, ambient and minimal. Soundcloud

Lucas Demeurs (ex-Deam) (France)

Lucas Demeurs (Deam) is a producer from Marseille, France. And is also the founder of Arborescence. His tracks appear at Berghain.

Marcelo Tavares (Brazil)

Marcelo Tavares hosts the Deep Space Podcast which has been running for 10 years now and reached up 350 episodes. He is currently hosting the same show at Deeper Shades Radio and at Dublab Brasil. Besides his own podcast, Marcelo also hosted the Deep Space Show on (Moscow, Russia) from 2012 to 2015; he was Executive Producer at RTS.FM Brasil bettween 2016/2017.
Marcelo travels to South Africa annually where he has a huge audience and spends an entire month in the country connecting to supporters and friends. Soundcloud.

Marco Lucchi (Italy)

Marco Lucchi is a mellow and mature artist. He loves and releases eclectic music that goes from classical, post-classical, acoustic and electro. His fav instrument is the mellotron. Bandcamp

Marco Mestichella (Italy/UK)

Marco Mestichella is a 24 years old recording and performing artist of Italian
origins living in London UK, where he produces original music and plays live gigs on a regular basis. Influenced by 70’s and 90’s music, he named his style “Illpop”, referring to it as a blend of trip hop, retro-pop, soft rock and cinematic music, with hints of jazz here and there.
Co-producing all his work with composer/arranger Joe Rodwell, Marco released his debut EP “The Day I Killed My Ego” last year, and his latest single “Fragments Of Light” is out now on all digital retailers.
Influences : Portishead, Isaac Hayes, Madonna, George Michael, Massive Attack, Pink Floyd, Hooverphonic.

For more info and music visit :

Mark Meino (Germany)

Real name Dmitry Chusov. Born in 1990 in Russia, but now living in Germany. Making music since 2008. First step in music creation with Fruity Loops, and after with Sound Forge.He use a lot of « home made » sounds in his music (like TV, radio noises). His style is at the moment oriented dark minimal techno. Soundcloud

MiniNous (Colombia)

Born in ’93, his interest for electronic music began in 2005. In 2007 he began with his own productions. Genres: Deep / Minimal / Minimal Dark / Experimental / Techno. Contact :

Mnmllab (Russia)

Deep’n’dark minimal techno artist. Facebook. Soundcloud.

Mono Hideout

“I discovered noyz and William Bassinski once, and it was like meeting an old friend from a past life. Through music I just express what I can’t express, or express in some other way. I am happy and proud of every release, true to ambient, under this pseudonym”. Contact :

Mono’ono (Belarus)

Date of Birth: 5 and August 15, 1988 in Belarus. Two brothers, creators of the underground movement in Belarus at the studio UFO. They have been for long time in the shadow of the publishers, gaining musical experience to pass a whole thought process in the music, a kind of karmic connection with other understanding people. Finally the moment came when the 2 brothers decided to share their world view. This period coincided to 2010-2011. They participated to support label « Nervmusic » in Minsk with artists such as Rudolf (ARG), Benjamin Fehr (DE), Easy Changes (RU), Andrey Zots, Lenique and others dj’s published by Musickollektiv, Moleskine Music, Unconventional. They prefer to live in the speeches of improvisation. Music is true that there is in our lives. Genre: experimental techno. MixcloudSoundcloudFacebook

Nacho Monetto (Argentina)

Nacho Monetto was born in 1992 in Córdoba, Argentina. He discovered music at a young age when he started playing guitar and piano. But it was with the electronic music when he discovered his passion. By now, he has edited in many labels and has played in a lot of bars, making pleople live a deep experience with his minimal music. Soundcloud

Nebyla (Russia)

Members: Evgene Burdukovskii. Location: Russia, Buryatia, Ulan-Ude. Style: minimal, experimental, micro. Musical preference: techno, minimal, micro. Soundcloud

Nachtwelt (Switzerland)

Dj, producer, and artist based in Geneva,  with many years of experience in electronic music scene and culture. Facebook

Nanodio (Switzerland)

Nanodio is the new project from Marc Garabedian. After more 40 releases in darkpsytrance (under the name of Karash) and many live act around the world he decided to developp other kind of music especially minimal with fatbassline and some psy sounds, in order to have the body effect and the mind effect. This artistic direction has been decided after he listened artists like Boris Brejcha, Format:B, Audio Injection, Anna, Artech which was for him something totally new and fresh. He still need to improve this style but little by little and step by step it’s coming. Actually his first release minimal techno is on monoKrak netlabel. Soundcloud

Nebyla (Russia)

Real name is Eugene Burdukovskii. Born March 14 in Siberia in the city of Ulan-Ude. Soundcloud

Nicht (Argentina)

David Bzura a.k.a Nicht, born in Cordoba, Argentina in 1988. Musician since 2003, started by playing bass. At the end of 2006 got involved in electronic music through a friend and his life changed. His style is something between minimal, techno, house and experimental.

Olaf Noetzel (Germany)

Inspired by his brother Ralf Noetzel and his good friend Andre Michelle he started to buy records in 1995 in order to become a DJ, he sold his saxophone and bought some
decks. As a DJ he played in the Neuroserve Bielefeld, at the Waldfrieden festival and later in the 10/40 in Leipzig. While sharing an apartment with Der Rhythmusmann, Ralf Noetzel spent a lot of time in a small studio. His first release was at Atomic Silence in 1998. In 1999 he founded the label Convenience records, with releases from Andre Michelle, Tom Bone, Parkinson and himself. In 2000 he moved to Düsseldorf and things became more quiet over the years, things appart from techno became more important. Since 2006 Olaf Noetzel is studying in Berlin and he’s enjoying to work on tracks again. He is part of a booking agency called Homeless Clouds, head of this agency is 16-Lux, whose roots are in the Neuroserve Bielefeld as well. Contact :, Soundcloud

Omara (Germany)

Omara started producing in 2000 with friends. They jammed some techno stuff and also drum and bass in studio sessions but never released something. After starting his solo project in 2002 he released some stuff on the Cologne based german netlabels « Rest » and « Zimmer-Records » in 2005 and 2006. A few years, and a creative break later, he started his own netlabel « Omaramusic » in 2009 where he released his 2nd LP and some EPs. The Project is still running. Soundcloud

Orgonon Sound Machine (Italy)

Project from the Sicilian Salvatore Pecoraro.
Firstly creator of project “Orchestra Vuota”

He stopped to make music for almost 10 years.
Start again for curiousity to learn Ableton and now carry on the new “project” Orgonon sound Machine.

Style : Psychedelia, weird pop, dance, experimental. With the “motto” “to reach the unknown place you have to take the unknown path”. Soundcloud

Outlook@ (Switzerland)

Artist living in Geneva (Switzerland). Facebook

Pachyderme (Argentina)

Franco Belavita aka Pachiderme was born in the city of Cordoba in 1990. He’s a lover of the arts in general. Began his musical career at age of 14 playing bass in diferent jam sessions, strongly influenced by genres like free jazz, funk and soul. In 2006 began with his life friends (Ehn, Nicht, Ignacio, Ywi, and Marbux) to devote his time to creative experimentation of electronic music ! Forming the group called  713 that today is a pioneer in organizing underground events in the city of Cordoba with an emphasis on street art and underground experimental electronic music. In Cordoba, he had the opportunity to meet the group Easy Changes and after that meeting began producing electronic music (minimal exprimental, idm ). His tracks are deep, delicate, hypnotic, long, as stories full of colors and surprises, with great subtlety and elegance. Sounds heavy round, atmospheres and notes being accompanied by rhythmic ritual. His productions, as well as their way of seeing art,have a minimalist approach, considering a search in which they play sound, textures and climates. His sound work is enriched by his recent experimentation with the visual arts (photography, video art). Soundcloud

Pastori Silli (Finland)

The journey of Pastori Silli (aka Mika Liesharju), electronic music artist from Finland, has been really amazing. Starting with his alter ego DJ Skyform he produced really melodic and commercial trance music. At some point he also created a few pumping house tracks with his alias Josh Milk. But last year his interests in music changed totally. After listening to some more experimental and unique music he discovered some new inspiration sources from different types of music. Now, his music under the name « Pastori Silli », you wouldn’t recognize it. Really versatile sounds and various styles of electronic music mashed up together. Getting some new point of view in his tracks. Still, after all these years he is trying to find his own place in the music scene. What’s gonna happen next ? What kind of music will he give us in the future ? Only the time will tell. Soundcloud

Patrick BATeMan (South Africa)

A former Vice President of Acquisitions @ Pierce and Pierce, a Wall Street hedge funding firm that went bust during the late ’80s recession.
With somewhat psychopathic homicidal tendencies that he finally quenched and Bateman is over his previous life of the cocaine fuelled mass murder filled years of the ’80s. Today, Bateman fills his time with Urban Propaganda and General Miscreancy and now DJ’s for a living and only cuts up the turntables these days and HATES Phil Collins.
No axe in the face while listening to this music!


Patrick Bateman is the name of the protagonist in the novel ‘American Psycho’ by Bret Easton Ellis with a film of the same name. Besides from being bat-shit crazy and a raving homicidal maniac, the character has an insane passion and an almost encyclopaedic knowledge regarding the genres of music that interest him. While Mike (Patrick Bateman) doesn’t aim to be a homicidal maniac, he does aim to measure up to the passion for music that this fictional character has. Soundcloud

Pfalz aka Kai Eulberg (Germany)

Kai Eulberg : specialist music minorities, solvents, or just a music producer. Rarity sound has developed quite unusual, breathtaking in the world of club culture. Creative uncertainty enveloped the full knowledge of another. A deep study of the club industry has turned life found facts and made it know to the public now and what will appear in future demand. Approach to writing songs, has an unusual ecstasy, the fruits of which acquire a German sound, recreating the old to the new application. This led to the enchanting sounds of House music, which was made in support of sound producer Plastic Sound and German label Minim.All. His phenomenal thought not to be missed, as an inadequate approach to the music gives an unusual sensation in the depth of the source of the heart. He is always himself, his ideas no one can understand, dry and dark, he will transform and make a living, he can feel, breathe, have a meaning to understand. Kai Eulberg is not trying to invent something new on a large scale, as its ideas outside of reality. Once he said : « People are not ready for it, or punish me for it ». Time passes, and thus we learn and see many new things, whether it will be sooner or later.
Pfalz : the union of talent with the German view on electronic music. We do not have a specific goal to achieve something, we write music for the soul. Our format is not defined under the sound of the big club events, it does not drive, no energy, just calm deep melodies, interesting compositions, music that has meaning, a story. Our music is to listen, to penetrate into the story, to feel an interest, get a drop of euphoria from the transferred sense. We break all the stereotypes of genres that you’re used to listening to a certain sound, you will not hear from us in such a techno that you want to see, we have our own view on electronic music. Pfalz, an association of experienced producers to create the soul in song. Soundcloud

Philipp Wolgast (Germany)

Philipp is part of a small but evergrowing & eclectic school of Dancemusic-producers, based in and around Hamburg City. Born here in the early 70s into a family with intense leanings to Art and music, it was easy to foresee, that his life was up from the beginning unalterably dedicated to sound, and the increasement of the hearing consciousness.
Looking back on a colorful childhood and the fact, that any move he did was connected to a certain kind of music, he maintained keeping the focus on creating multitudes of musical styles, anytime leaving an ear and his mind open for any kind of Direction or Influence, that he could get aware of during the years. So most days of his blooming youth were spent in the parental garages of the northern hemisphere, teasing neighbours with one or the other of the numerous band-projects he was part of. Hip Hop, motown Funk and the all surrounding presence of jazz were indelibly competing with classic music, regular piano-lessons, the odd worlds of Atonal – and Industrial scapes, death metal and almost any other genre appearing in the last three decades, that seemed worth to pay attention to.

As a child of the vinyl-generation (Mom even sold vinyls in a record store for about 30 years), with tons of Wax of any kind in his collection, it was routine in the mid 80´s to have two decks and a mixer at home. Cutting & scratching was the plan, though he ended up early doing Beatmixes with the Hip Hop Music of those days.

To become a successful Progressive-Trance- and Techno-DJ in the beginning of the 90’s, was just the result of a natural progress then. From 1992 till the year 2000 Philipp played many gigs all over the world, including Hotspots like San Francisco, Melbourne, Stockholm, Mexico-City, Tokyo and even more exotic parts of Asia, just as well as regular gigs in the surrounding european countries and Scandinavia. He became co-founder and owner of the two renowned Progressive Labels Plastik Park and Sunset Recordings, still successfully runned by the loving care of Mrs. Sally Doolally.
Around 2001 it was about time to change directions and devote to the deeper variations of nowadays electronic Dance music. Perlon was born, Playhouse and Ricardo Villalobos started their ongoing conquest of the world, and Zurich and it´s pronounced nightclub-paradise, where Philipp lived for many years, did the rest to let him unconditionally dedicate his life and love to this fascinating Techno-Phenomenon. A short visit at the SAE-Institute in 2005 helped making the decision to finally loose fear of Technology and start producing music on his own. Since then he is steadily evolving sonic methods to express his intense thoughts and feelings about this complex, everchanging and whatsoever beautyful wonder called life.

To get rid of disturbing environmental expectations and general genre-fuckations, he invented his moniker SUCH A SAINT in 2011.
Philipp´s tracks and remixes get released on great labels like Suena Hermosa, loob label, Igloo Records, Krad Records, Vitalik Records, formResonance, Fantastic Friends Records, Kompass Musik, Numbolic, Kina Music, Hifreaks, Eminor, Der Hut, and many others.. Soundcloud, Facebook

Proeff (Germany)

Proeff is one of the electronic musicians who have grown up in the age of digital music. Risen up in the east of Berlin he discovered electronic music in the early 90′s. Inspired by the sound of artists like Surgeon (Counterbalance), Cristian Vogel (Station 55 rec.), Dave Tarrida (Sativae/Tresor rec.) and later Dapayk aka. Marek Bois (Mos Ferry, Rrygular), Jay Haze (Tuning Spork, Contexterrior), Ricardo Villalobos (Perlon, Frisbee), Pheek (Archipel), Cabanne (Minibar), Miskate &  friends (Foundsound/Unfoundsound), he decided to learn how to mix some kind of music. In 2005 Proeff & Eska Fumain (a very good friend of him) discovered Ableton. In 2006 Proeff started a relationship with the producer Dr. Nojoke. He mixes and combines supplied tracks of Dr. Nojoke’s work from 2005 until now on (a great netlabel for free dj-mixes). His music style is based on electronic samples from (field) recordings and differents software tools, squired by Clikno percussions/drum-lines, some housy/ funky/ bleepy/ ambient tunes with diverse vocal-sounds. Proeff mostly plays on underground parties in and around Berlin (alte Weberei (Unkul), Vcf, Cassiopeia, Psychiatrie (Kesselhaus) Herzberge, Big Blue Bar, open airs, etc.). Today Proeff prefers to use and create electronic net-audio-music for his mixes always with an eye on the next possibilities it all could have in the near future. Soundcloud

Pobedia (Russia)

Ruslan Zakharov was born in ’82, in Svetogorsk, passion for music gradually push him to produce styles like dub techno, ambient. Soundcloud

Pushya Pada (Germany)

Pushya Pada started producing electronic music for fun during the Covid-19 pandemic. Inspired by many artists of early 2000s electronica, ambient and melodic techno, she’s creating her own sound driven by the vibes of her hometown Berlin. And her soundcloudlink:

Rebelo (Switzerland)

Under the influence of the early 2000s when the underground Algarvian scene was at her best in Portugal, Rebelo started his first steps in djing and making electronic music production.
After the decline of the underground scene in 2004, he had to adapt himself and experiment other projects. However, he always tried to keep his own style and the underground scene alive under the name of “Dj Osh”.
As Dj Osh he released some tracks in labels as  “Energie Records”, “I Bounce Records”, “Techsoul Records” and “City Life Records”.
2012 was for Rebelo a year of changes: he decided to move back to his birth place (Switzerland) to start new projects under his own name.
Melodic, mental, house, techno, Rebelo is always looking for feelings and emotions in his music. Soundcloud

Richard Wilmer (UK)

Richard Wilmer is an experimental musician combining elements of electronics, guitars and synths to create unique ambient soundscapes. Richard Wilmer runs the experimental ambient net label aReW recordings and has also contributed to the following projects : My Pet Zombie Frankie, Lienullnoyz, Hadeanera. Soundcloud

River (Spain)

Asier Rivero A.k.a. RIVER. Born in San Sebastian (Basque Country, Spain). Since he was little he was interested in diferent kind of music such as Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock and Electronic. After being part of a pop-rock band for 2 years he started, helped by artists and friends Kino Internacional and Ope Loeb, to being part of the dj scene, acting in several clubs and festivals of his region. His sets are full of groove, with them you can travel from deep and dub techno to dubstep, garage or bass. Also Kino Internacional helped him in his first steps in music production, leading him to the world of analogic and digital composing. In 2011 he starts to produce tracks with Ableton Live, writting his emotions and feelings in tunes. Soundcloud

Sa.m (Switzerland)

Samuel Hug was born in 1992 near the swiss capital Bern. Music was always important for him. First into hip-hop, he turned into minimal and techno house. Soundcloud

Samwel (Russia)

Samwel focuses on techno music with different variations (dub / avant-garde / atmospherics / glitch and so on). He enters Moscow’s family label « Musickollektiv ». Soundcloud

Schokomoko (Germany)

Duo electronic music artists.

Sebastian Peña (Colombia)

Born in 1994, Juan Sebastian Peña Cadavid starded very young with electronic music. At 15 years old, he began to produce it, with slow bpm, influenced by a lot of experimental artists using strange sounds. Today Sebastian Peña produce mainly dark minimal techno. His style is a mix of atmospheres and a variety of percussions, always not too fast. Soundcloud

Sg (Colombia)

Sg is the name by which acts Santiago Gallego. He’s influenced by musical styles like Experimental, Ambient and even the Techno. Soundcloud, Residentadvisor

Side B (Colombia)

Side B are 2 guys (Miguel and Yampier) from Medellin (Colombia). They are into electronic music since 5 years. Since 3 years, they are djs and since 1 producers, their sounds are darks but with a good bass line. They are influenced by minimal and minimal techno music. Soundcloud

Sin Amigos (Mexico)

We were born in the northwest mexican desert. We enjoy sound design, atmospheres and bounce, so we made them music. We are alive right now and producing under many alter egos, one of which is ”Sin amigos”, which basically means ”Without friends”. Soundcloud

Slo-blo (Belgium)

Experience : Since early 90′, 2001 master class with Keith Rowe (AMM). Genre : Psyke / Ambient / drone / noise / post rock. Myspace

Sokpb Avabodha (Russia)

One-man experimental project from Ekaterinburg, Russia. The sound texture is based on prepared sound of acoustic and electric guitars, a widely used field-recordings and various improvised means. Website

Soma (Chile)

SOMA (aka Sebastian Huneeus) was born in Santiago, Chile, by the year 2013. SOMA is the result of a life long search and curiosity into the electronic music. As a producer, he is hard to categorize into a single electro style, but he brings deep harmonic textures (chords, arpegies, melodies), samples and upbeat rythmic patterns. Sometimes, it sounds like techno, sometimes more like IDM or ambient. What SOMA is trying to do is to communicate through music part of his own view of the world, by mixing emotional landscapes, melodies and repetitive rythms. For him, electro music is a good blend of science and art, because during the technical combination and development of ingredients in the studio, he creates an expression. His influences are wide, from Violeta Parra, to Shostakovich and Nathan Fake. In the year 2015 SOMA will be performing live acts in galleries and clubs in Santiago and releasing more EPs in different netlabels. Soundcloud

Sonorefiction (France)

Contemplator, multi influences musician (free-jazz, ethnic music, indie rock, concrete’s music, minimal, blues …) involved for more than 15 years in many live projects so different as irish folk, afrocub conjunto, punk rock. Looking for « art brut », signs all over my way for a long time, i try to compose ambient music as my first audio experience, without any theoric knowledge view point, but to feel free. Soundcloud

Space Options (Ukraine)

Born in 1990 and living in Ukraine. Making music since 2009. Favourites styles : deep minimal techno, dub techno. Soundcloud

Spuk (Germany)

Spuk makes his own tracks in different areas till 10 years ! From techno to minimalism, purely in the experimental and ambient sounds. The most important aspect of his music are monotonous and hypnotic elements in tracks and live-performances. Soundcloud

Stig Inge (Germany)

German musician from Dresden, now living in Bremen since 2007. Music style : electronica, dub, techno, deep. Soundcloud

Taborka (France)

Baptiste Bontemps better known as « Taborka » was introduced into music with rock and metal, and it’s behind the drums that he first proved his ryhtmic capacities as a 14 year-old teenager. A few years later, at 19, influenced by some friends, he made his first steps in djing, he then played in several local massive soundsystems. In 2008, after a break from the scene, he was finally invited to well-known parties in his hometown : Reims. He played alongside Lowkey (Goog rec), Noob (Form rec), Monsieur Monsieur, The Shoes, Mosta, Popof. For the last two years, Baptiste has been composing on his own and released diverse productions, at the same time dark and dancefloor, mecanical and groovy. Soundcloud

Takuya Minakawa (Japan)

Takuya Minakawa, 02/17/1974, Tokyo Inside. He starded The tt-vox project in 2006. The picture, poetry, and the sound are chiefly produced and it opens it to the public on the Internet. WebsiteSoundcloudSoundcloud2

Teplo (Russia)

Behind the name Teplo is a St-Petersburg 28 y.o. electronic musician who made up to twenty physical and digital music releases on world labels of Japan, USA, Greece, India and Russia, under different names and pseudos. Everything started at the end of the 90′s, numerous parties and first musical scetches. He played at different parties in 2001. At the moment he has concerts all over Russia and in other countries too. Teplo is a russian word, meaning warm, heat. Soundcloud

Textural Being (USA)

Textural Being is an electronic musician hailing from Portland, Oregon, on the west coast of the USA. Through his deep, hypnotic soundscapes, he aims to please his listeners with austere, stripped-down structures resembling not just the dub techno pioneers who inspire him, but also the careful, patient timbres of ambient music, and, of course, the rich, natural environment of the pacific northwest that he lives in. A musician for more than a decade, Sage Taylor has patented his own style of minimal and ambient techno that is both textural and accessible by the masses, and to this day still strives for his original musical purpose: to spread his sounds to as many new listeners as he possibly. Soundcloud

The Foiled Torsos (UK)

The Foiled Torsos split their time between Notting Hill and the South coast, producing Dubstep which has both the hypnotic draw of the big city and the subtle release of a coastal town. You can forget wobble bass and recycled garage licks, the Foiled Torsos are eclectic, raw and ahead of the game. If you don’t get it now, you soon will. With a growing body of work and a desire that will see them take dubstep in brand new directions, Foiled Torsos are tipping the scales in favour intelligent dubstep that will get inside your head and stay there. Myspace

The Marx Trukker (Germany)

The Marx Trukker is a musiclover and producer already for lots of years. He gets his inspiration from different styles and kinds of music. Making sound must stay an experiment. Soundcloud

The Vanhalia Project (Italy)

Giovanni Alibrandi (also known as « The  Vanhalia Project ») is a violinist, keyboardist, composer and  arranger. He has won prizes for his  works called ‘Abstractio’, ‘De Profundis’ e ‘Ogni Sera’ (‘Track of the Day’, « Best Programming », ‘Best Mood in Ambient’, « Potential  Soundtrack ») inside the Garageband community. He receives regular broadcastings on the Tangerine Dream Fans Zone Podcast, StillStream – Ambient Music Web Radio, Taukay Web Radio and IMradio. He has published several EP’s and  single works for labels such as EnoughRecords, Proc-Records, Carosello Records, Always Records/PomodoroStudio, Publicspaces Lab, aReW Recordings and others. Soundcloud

Tomzn (Germany)

Tomzn is a young upcoming german producer, who’s breaking the edges between the electronic genres without looking back at usual standards. Grewing up in the far east of Saxonia, Germany, he became infected with the passion for electronic music. Close to tentativ steps in djing with the age of 17, he started to produce his first simple loop-tracks without loosing the joy of djing with the black gold. Tomzn constantly increased his production-skills with permanent looking for new sounds and rhythms without devoting to one kind of style. After his first release on Etoka Miniature, his publicity is rising continuosly and so he catched the attention of some established labels like Doma Musique, Etoka Shapes, Incense Records and last but not least monoKraK. Soundcloud

Tony Sit (Russia)

First interest in music till 1994. Today his music is distinguished by soulful depth, samples of great beauty and complexity with a touch of mysterious and mystic mood. Soundcloud

Tumor (Germany)

Born on 28th April, 1993 in Gelnhausen (Germany). He started very young with some musical experiments. His style is a mixture of elements, from neotrance to deep minimal music. He was inspired by artists like Stephan Bodzin, Marc Romboy and Gregor Tresher. Soundcloud

Upsteria (Eritrea)

Upsteria love’s to be known as Upsteria Teklemebrahtu, grandson of Zahra Teklemebrahtu and Mariam Mehmheret. Born 12/26/1950. Traditional instruments till the age of 51, electronic eversince. Thanks to my grandsons ! Sound recording and mixing for Lemlem studio between 1996-2004. Soundcloud

Victor Frias (Argentina)

Victor Frias was born in the city of Cordoba, Argentina.
He began to take his first steps in creating music in the late early age after exploring musical variants recognized as the minimalist style characteristic brindance combining deep tech percussion accompanied mattresses elegant sound, sound glich, creating atmospheres and textures on the slopes hypnotic dance movements different feelings each time accompanied by deep and powerful base today ranks among the exponents of minimal house and minimal techno with intentions to spread their signature sound. Soundcloud

Vito Cacciapaglia (Italy)

Vito Cacciapaglia is a Dj and producer from Bari (Italy). His style is a mix of atmosferic groovy minimal techno. Soundcloud

Voai (Poland)

Electronic music artist from Poland. Voai (Mihail Zarichanskiy, born in Lutsk (Ukraine) on November 12th, 1990) is a one-man project started at the end of 2010. His work is concentrated on a conception of deep melodic feelings, intellectual sounding of downbeat / minimal and dub techno with impurity of dark ambient sounds. Soundcloud

White Zone (Germany)

Ralf Neumann Aka White Zone has an intense and passionate relationship with music, starting off aged 15 by playing the electric bass. Always fascinated by rhythm and deep frequencies the choice of the instrument came not by accident. After more than 15 years being part of many different bands and projects playing various styles from rock, funk, hip hop up to jazz it was a chain of reasoning to get stuck with the essence of it all : the rhythm by itself and in its purest form. As White Zone Ralf started to produce electronic music in 2007. Oppressive basses and oszillating sound cascades are dominatimg his tracks, supplemental with refined set drum sounds. Website

XP-43 (Belgium)

XP-43 (also aka Rf061992) is Belgium’s mad professor and what comes out of his laboratory is pure darkness. Vanishing noises, ambient scapes straight from hell and mystical rythms are his leitmotif. In his macchiavelic approach to music, he manages to turn any noise into music. Nothing is safe from this field recording soul eater: the peeing 97 year old lady as less as the jackhammer breaking the pavement. Having his roots in the early 1980s New Wave and Post Punk era, he rapidly made himself a name in the belgian industrial scene (Symphonie Cubique, Reason Flowers, DRY, 3′n’more). In collaborations and jamsessions Rf061992 is a welcome guest far beyond the belgian borders. Just like a warlock, he manages to add a dusty and dark note to any kind of music. One could think of an unbreakable curse. Since 2005, Rf061992 evolves as Industrial solo artist as well as with different other artists in projects such as Col-Lab (Ambient Drones), Major Hardware (Electro Noir), XP-43 (Experimental), Lorsen, and of course also with belgian Drone guru BpOlar as BPRF. Contact

Yann Detroit (Switzerland)

He began in the 90s with hardcore music as DJ. The Ibiza since 2000 where he went down thru the bpm and became a shadow producer for DJs on the island. He started also to be radio speaker and event organizer for thirteen years. Since two years back in Switzerland with a style more minimal, intelligent, sentimental psychological and hypnotic. 

Yann Detroit Soundcloud

Zaid Edghaim (Canada)

Palestinian, born and raised in Saudi Arabia, Toronto  based, lover of music and economist of sound. His productions demonstrate a clear affection for crisp, clean sound grounded by deep baselines, claps, and warped glitches. His commitment to free thought and holistic approach to sound and programming allow for the creation of a world where intricately woven, meticulously crafted systems of structure indiscriminately give birth to spontaneous spurts of randomness. Soundcloud

Zark/Adrenochrome (Germany)

Zark and Adrenochrome. Fresh names on the scene but not a new kid on the block.
This man under their concepts is Sascha Müller – producer, studio wizard, jack of all trades and most of all one of the last standing true underground warriors within the electronic music scene. With countless releases on prolific labels like Skull Tunes, Psychocandies, Hamburg’s long standing Intrauterin Recordings and many many more attached to his belt, under his real name, known or secret aliases as well as a variety of collaborations the man behind ZARK is a true creative force, surely one to reckon with even though he’s rather to be found in the studio cooking up more serious goodness than out and about, falling into those sell out and social media traps an entire generation of DJs and producers got caught up in.
Techno is serious business. And ZARK is here for it.

ZAT (Colombia)

His interest in the sounds that are produced in different parts of the world began from a very young age, especially those with dense and deep textures that hide mysteries that only the listener can discover. He currently decides to start composing songs based on some events in his life where he has tried to connect with the wonders that surround the universe from nature and its elements to interstellar space. Soundcloud

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